Comedy of Errors

Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by Karen Carleton
Performed in Airfield , Dundrum / Players Theatre, Trinity - Summer 2002

The Comedy of Errors was performed in the gardens of Airfield House, Dundrum. Airfield is a 35 acre estate with working farm, formal gardens, café and shop situated in Dundrum, Dublin. The venue was used not only for the summer Shakespeare, but also for the group's variety show 'Christmas at Airfield'.

Cast and crewAdrianna (Ciara O'Byrne)


Cast and crewAnthipholus (Basil Ashmawy) and Adrianna (Ciara O'Byrne)


Cast and crewAntipholus (Basil Ashmawy) and Dromio (Patrick O'Malley)


Cast and crewAntipholuses (Basil Ashmawy and Jamie Belton)


Cast and crewThe Cast in Airfield Gardens


Cast and crewLuciana (Camille Donnegan), Dromio (Patrick O'Malley) and Adrianna (Ciara O'Byrne)


Cast and crewDromio's (Patrick O Malley and Sean Murphy)


Cast and crewCast preparing for the show


Cast and crewLuciana (Camille Donnegan) and Antipholuses (Basil Ashmawy


Cast and crewLuciana (Camille Donnegan) and Dromio (Sean Murphy)


Cast and crewPaul Sharpe


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Background Note

Shakespeare’s first great comic masterpiece, The Comedy of Errors is a magical farce of madcap confusion. Two sets of identical twins are separated in a shipwreck. Their mistaken identities bring chaos and comic mayhem to the port of Ephesus in the space of a single day.


Pandemonium ensues when two sets of twins, separated in a shipwreck when babies, meet up twenty five years later in the town of Ephesus. Mistaken identities create farcical confusion in one of Shakespeare's most hysterical comedies.


The Comedy of Errors is Shakespeare's first comedy, and definitely one of his funniest. It's a very physical show, and is much different from Shakespeare's other plays because of it's farcical structure. In many ways Comedy of Errors is like watching a great old black and white Marx Brothers or Three Stooges movie. The comedy is fast and furious, and the complex (yet easy to follow) plot gets wilder and wilder.


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