Out of Order, Minister

Written by Ray Cooney
Directed by Kevin Fahey
Performed in Mill Theatre, Dundrum, Wednesday 7 - Saturday 10 March 2007

Kevin Fahey stepped down from the stage and stepped up to the plate as Director for a production of 'Out of Order', which was staged in the Mill Theatre from Wednesday 7 to Saturday 10 March 2007.

The play was written by Ray Cooney, one of Britain's most successful playwrights. He has had 17 plays staged in the West End and his work has been translated into more than 40 languages and countless productions have been staged all around the world.


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To view a copy of the poster for 'Out of Order, Minister' in Adobe Reader format (version 5 or later) just click on this link to the Poster. To save a copy, right-click on the link and select "Save Target As..."

The 'Out of Order, Minister' programme is also here in PDF format.

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The Story

Well, as is true of many of Ray Cooney's plays, the story begins by placing an easily recognisable character in a perilous situation. In Out of Order a lascivious Government Minister, with the unfortunate name Richard Willey, is attempting to have an affair with an opposition candidate in a top Dublin hotel. Things go wrong when they discover a dead body in their hotel room. The minister calls in his Political Advisor to sort out the mess and from here matters go from bad to worse. However, with a conniving waiter, a suspicious hotel manager, an alert private detective, an angry wife, a furious husband, a bungling secretary, an unconscious nurse and a dead body, nothing is going to go as planned in this fast-paced farce, filled with great one liners, sexual innuendo and slap stick action.


In real life these predicaments would typically have severe consequences. But Cooney operates in neither the world of tragedy nor the world of drama, his plays are farces in the purest sense of the word. So audiences laughed themselves silly as they entered the zany world of political intrigue in “Out of Order …..Minister”

Richard Willey
Hotel Manager
The Waiter
Jane Cunningham
A Body
George Pigden
The Maid
Ronnie Cunningham
Pamela Willey
Nurse Foley
Brain Molloy
Leonard Nealon
Niall O'Kennedy
Sally-Anne Dody
Jim Carroll
Francis Cahill
Margaret Toomey
David Walsh
Ciara O'Byrne
Susan Nix
Lighting Design
Costume & Makeup

Print Design
Barry Donaldson
Paddy Fehan
Doris Cullen & Theresa Dempsey
Oran O'Rua
Gary Wall, Patrick Hand, Dave Foley, Tony McGettigan, Hilary Madigan, Orla Morgan, Philip Kavanagh
Karen Carleton
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Kevin Fahey
Director, Kevin Fahey
Jim Carroll
Jim Carroll - 'The Body'
Len Nealon
Len Nealon - the Hotel Manager
Orla Morgan
Orla Morgan, crew member
Oran O'Rua
Oran O'Rua - Sound Man!
Gary Wall
Gary Wall, Stage Manager


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