Don't Dress For Dinner

Written by Marc Camoletti
Directed by Karen Carleton
Performed in Bog Lane Theatre Ballymahon, Pavilion Theatre Dun Laoghaire - January 2002

The play revolves around a man who sends his wife off to her mother’s house so that he can spend the same weekend with a different woman. He brings his best friend along as an alibi, but neglects to tell him the real story, so guess what happens - the scene is set for a frantic, frenetic and fun-filled time on stage!

Cast and crew
Cast and crew of 'Don't Dress for Dinner'
Standing: Karen Carelton, Bernard Doyle, Kevin Fahey, Gary Wall, John Hunt, Teresa Dempsey and Doris Cullen.
Seated: Ciara O'Byrne, Antoinette Fahey and Paula O'Callaghan


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Director's Note

Set in a converted farmhouse in the Irish countryside, ‘Don’t Dress for Dinner" by Marc Camoletti, presents a challenge to the actors, lots of fun for the audience and a story with more twists than a corkscrew.


When Jacqueline decides to visit her mother for a few days, her husband, Bernard sees the opportunity of a cosy weekend with his new girlfriend. His bachelor pal, Robert rings up to announce his return from Hong Kong, so Bernard invites him along as his alibi, also hiring a Cordon Bleu cook to ensure they don’t go hungry.


Convinced his plan is foolproof, Bernard is taking his wife’s suitcase out to the car, when the phone rings and she answers it. From then on the story moves into the surreal world of high-speed farce, with mistaken identity two girls, both known as Suzy; clandestine relationships,. the wife has a secret lover; hasty improvisation, the cook must play the mistress and vice versa, all carried along on a stream of rapid-fire, double-meaning dialogue.


One impossible situation piles on another, as the hapless Robert finds himself the target of amorous attentions from all three ladies, Bernard tries frantically to salvage at least a scrap of illicit bliss from the wreckage of his weekend, and his intended playmate, the glamorous Suzanne, ends up in the kitchen, expected to cook dinner, while Suzette, the cook, is transformed into a femme fatale!


Karen Carleton, Director

John Hunt
Paula O'Callaghan
Gary Wall
Antoinette Fahey
Kevin Fahey
Ciara O'Byrne
Stage Manager

Karen Carleton
Bernard Doyle
Teresa Dempsey and
Doris Cullen
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