Balally Shorts (2023)

Play #1: Canker Sores and Other Distractions
Written by Christopher Durang
Directed by Barry O’Connor

Play #2: A Tale of Two Spectators
Written by Peter Manos
Directed by Joanne Keane

Play #3: What Edward Did
Written by Maeve Edwards
Directed by Brendan Dunne

Play #4: Ribbons
Written by Elaine Murphy
Directed by Liam Borgström

Play #5: Salad Days
Written by Deirdre Kinahan
Directed by Jean Monahan

Play #6: You Will Never Outrun Your Past
Written by Michael Manley
Directed by Mark Coen

Performed in: dlr Mill Theatre Studio, Dundrum on 10, 11, 12 & 13 May 2023

Balally Shorts (2023)


In the middle of May 2023, Balally Players presented four nights of variety in the dlr Mill Theatre Studio with 'Balally Shorts', which featured six bite-sized plays in one marvellous theatrical evening. This diverse array of short plays featured a wide range of talent from within the group.

From drama to comedy and everything in between six directors, and six wonderful casts took to the stage to perform six short (15 minute) plays, showcasing just what theatre is all about.

Canker Sores and Other Distractions by Christopher Durang, directed by Barry O’Connor. A divorced couple meet by chance after ten years apart. Martin hopes for a reconciliation, and he and his ex-wife, Prunella, agree to meet for lunch in a local restaurant. His best efforts are, however, frustrated by the unique waitressing style of their server, Midge…

A Tale of Two Spectators by Peter Manos, directed by Joanne Keane. In a park, a man and a woman secretly watch their respective spouses carry on an affair. As time goes on we realise they have been meeting like this to watch their spouses for quite some time and have even developed something of a bond for each other, despite their predicament.

What Edward Did by Maeve Edwards, directed by Brendan Dunne. Two wedding guests meet at a wedding reception and strike up a conversation, after which a third member of the wedding party joins them.

Ribbons by Elaine Murphy, directed by Liam Borgström. A mother and son come to grips with each other after being estranged for five years.

Salad Days by Deirdre Kinahan, directed by Jean Monahan. A tender vulnerable play, set in a nursing home.

You Will Never Outrun Your Past by Michael Manley, directed by Mark Coen. Four school friends meet up after 20 years, only to have their reunion interrupted by someone intent on getting even with all of them. A piece about revenge and revelations, set in the present day.


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