Two One-Act Plays (2023)

Play #1: Dead Man's Bells
Written by Méabh de Brún
Directed by Joanne Keane

Play #2: Autobahn
Written by Neil Labute
Directed by Brian Molloy

Performed in: dlr Mill Theatre Studio from 24 to 28 October 2023

Two One-Act Plays


'Dead Man's Bells' by Méabh de Brún was directed by Joanne Keane.

This dark comedy is a gothic, rural tale of inheritance, rivalry, and misdeeds, unreliably told by three sisters. Written by Máebh de Brún, award winning Irish playwright, the play is laced with black humour and quick wit, a worthy winner of the DLI/ADCI Playwriting Award.

"The foxglove bells, with lolling tongue,
Will not reveal what peals were rung"

– Mary Webb

"The play is a story of three sisters, one brother, and a farm that's up for grabs. The shared chorus of siblinghood, and the weight of unspoken family secrets, are explored with a balance of dark and the craic onstage in a journey of familial bickering and twisting tales."
– Michelle Crean. There are misdeeds — there will be consequences! One not to miss!


Autobahn' by Neil Labute was directed by Brian Molloy

This provocative collection of three short plays, each set within the confines of the front seat of a car, was written by world famous American playwright Neil LaBute. Each vignette explores the ethos of perception and relationship. The result is an unsettling montage, capturing the essence of middle America and the myriad paths which cross its surface.

"Sitting in an automobile was where I first remember understanding how drama works…Hidden in the back seat of a sedan, I quickly realized how deep the chasm or intense the claustrophobia could be inside your average family car."
– Neil LaBute

"This play has an ability to get under your skin" – The Guardian

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